Sunday thoughts...

We always find this time of year exciting. Ok so with the clock change it may have been a little tricky to get up an hour earlier this morning, but its a sign that summer is on the way! Yay! Warm weather, sunny evenings, dresses and sandals, what more could a girl want? (Well lots I'm sure...) Although for some of us this may mean a little more maintenance (painted nails, razors out etc etc), its all part of it! Don't get me wrong, we love the winter, getting all wrapped up, layer by layer, and the snow is just beautiful, but I think we can all agree its time for a little sunshine, right?!

This week we had our delivery of summer items, and they are lovely! We have some amazing styles and some beautiful and bright colours! SO ladies... keep an eye out because our new stock will be here soon!! Bring on summer!

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The Italian Knitwear Company is based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Our clothing is direct from Italy and beautifully designed to work effortlessly with the modern woman's wardrobe. The Italian Knitwear Company has a range of luxury knitwear which gives an extra special feel. Browse our full range of knitwear, dresses, handbags and accessories. Or visit our store where our team will be on hand to offer a personalised shopping experience, with styling advice and fashion recommendations tailored to your tastes and requirements.