It's a rainy Monday!

So after the amazing sunshine we had the other week, we now have rain again. Now I'm not complaining as the garden did need a good watering and its lovely to see all the children having so much fun splashing in the puddles, but like me, who put their winter jumpers away when that sun was shining and is now regretting it?! I know i am! Trying to be organised, didn't quite work. SO .. now all the nice warm jumpers and cardigans are in the loft; and I'm stuck with summer tops, dresses and thin cardigans. Thankfully i have my wellies and umbrella at hand!

If you were slightly premature like me in putting those winter clothes away, why not pop in store or have a look at our Knitwear online, we sell all our jumpers year round and we have a few newbies in stock too! Happy shopping!

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The Italian Knitwear Company is based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Our clothing is direct from Italy and beautifully designed to work effortlessly with the modern woman's wardrobe. The Italian Knitwear Company has a range of luxury knitwear which gives an extra special feel. Browse our full range of knitwear, dresses, handbags and accessories. Or visit our store where our team will be on hand to offer a personalised shopping experience, with styling advice and fashion recommendations tailored to your tastes and requirements.