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May 24, 2018

So I'm pretty sure that we have all been bombarded with loads of emails asking if we still want to be contacted etc... well my phone hasn't stopped making noises the past couple of weeks! Frustrating for sure but unfortunately it has to be done; and lets be honest, its probably for the best!

So yes we have sent out our email today, (with the deadline tomorrow!) checking that our lovely customers and subscribers still want our offers and newsletters sent out to them. Whilst sending these out, it did make me think. Do we send out too much? Too little? Or, just the right amount? I know some companies send out daily emails, sometimes twice daily, which for me personally, i find a little too much! Some send out newsletters or offers once a month, maybe just enough for some, yet maybe not enough for others! I think for some people these emails that get sent through can be like a friend, letting them know whats going on that day, week or month; and for those people its important to receive them. For others maybe they are waiting for that offer, that deal, that bargin so that they can get that special (or essential) thing they want or need, for those people, it could be like a little life line, knowing that soon they can get that one thing. So although we can find most of these emails from all these companies we have subscribed to pretty annoying at times, I'm sure most of us actually appreciate the updates. Something new, a big event, a percentage off or even in some cases a freebie! 

Well with May coming to an end we will just have to see what June news and offers are in store for us! 



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