New Year, New You?

So Christmas and New Years is long gone! Happy and sad times for all (hopefully more happy memories than sad!) New Years resolutions went so well for those first 3 days... and it's now February, the wet weather is here! Most of us despise the wet and cold weather, and it feels like it will never end!

Gym? Healthy eating? All forgotten now! We want warmth, comfort food and just some time to relax! ... It may sound like I'm being all doom and gloom here but there is a point to this!

We all get so excited and 'hyped up' with the "party" season! Presents to buy, decorations to put up, parties to plan and attend! Then its the new year and we want to be a new us. a better us. Some of us find it easy to change our lifestyle, others not so much. So after all the excitement of Christmas, New Years and the plan to be a 'better' person, for most of us it stops. Our plan just didn't work. We then get down about not seeing our resolutions through, and some of us take it bad, really bad. When in fact, we don't need to.

People can become obsessed with the big plans we make for ourselves, and then become so down when we are just unable to see them through. Really we should focus on our mental wellbeing before anything else. And this is the point I wanted to make.

A few weeks ago I saw something online. It said:

"Mental illness can be devastating, but when you replace I with We, it becomes Mental Wellness"

I just love this saying!

This is something we should all be thinking about. Help each other. Pick each other up. This time of year is hard for people! Share a smile, a positive comment, a text just checking in. It can make a real change to someones day! Our mental wellness is so important. Once we have that, then the big plans we make for ourselves become just that little bit easier! Try taking small steps instead of large jumps and you might find you get to where you want to be a little quicker!

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